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Created in 1988, ENP SA (Editions Nicolas Pelletier) is the only international edition firm, dealing exclusively with publishing professional magazines, yearbooks y other products linked to the Paper industry (production of paste, paper and rolling board).
AFCO in the United States and CAFO in Canada make loans to businesses of all sizes to finance property and casualty insurance premiums. Premium financing can help improve cash flow, preserve working capital and access funding at competitive rates of interest.
La Asociación de Empresarios del Alt Penedès, el Baix Penedès y el Garraf is a business organisation based on associations, with an assembly of members and free affiliation which aims to represent the inter-regional needs of the business sector in this area. The Association is independent, multisectorial and plural.
THE CONSORCIO NACIONAL DE INDUSTRIALES DEL CAUCHO is the Spanish business organisation for the Rubber area.
The CONSORCIO NACIONAL DE INDUSTRIALES DEL CAUCHO is the first actor with Public and privates organisms, whether national or international and is a member of the European Tyre and Rubber Manufacturers’ association (ETRMA) and of the Confederación Española de Organizaciones Empresariales (CEOE).
The European Federation of Corrugated Board Manufacturers (FEFCO) is a non-profit organisation representing the interests of the industry across Europe and addressing a wide range of issues, from technical topics to economical questions.